The Window

Greetings all,


Thank you for making an appearance on my page, for taking the time to see me through the window screens of your devices. I don’t think people will ever understand the meaning of expression at least until you’ve seen or heard something so artistic and so meaningful so you obsess over it. You stand amazed at the fact that someone took everything you’ve felt and paced it in one picture. Since I was 11 years old I’ve been so obsessed with art, music, and anything visual. There is beauty in chaos. It’s all about perspective. If you only see darkness, it may only be because you’re too big for this world and you’re only facing your shadow. My job here is to find you, to find you and to help find a way to show the world what you’re story is. When the walls close in, remember the window. Remember the window because it will remind you there is a whole world out there. The window, for when all doors seem to be locked, jump through the window.

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