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Towers Media Production, LLC – A multi-media production company ran by one individual. my primary focus is on the creativity output of my business. From Music production, graphics, logo design, marketing material (flyer designs, business card designs, signage design, commercial/promotional video and photo). There are no limits to what we can accomplish.

For event and family style of photo and video, please refer to my portfolio under OPTIX PHOTO AND VIDEO: It’s all about capturing the moments that matter.

Welcome to my page, my portfolio and the ensembles of my mind. To the top you will find the music I’ve worked on. On the MUSIC tab, you’ll find the works that are up for grabs. The PORTFOLIOS tab contains the photography and designs that I have done for my clients. My NETWORK tab will display the reputable resources that can give you more insight as to what it is like working with me.

If you would like to request my rates for the work I do please go to my CONTACT page to send me a description of what it is you’re looking for.

Feel free to donate to help my business grow. The more donations I can receive the more time and effort I can put into providing quality work for my all my clients. Donations may also help me provide more free content for listeners, graphic designers, video editors and more. Thank you in advanced for supporting my business!


Donation to support my business. This enables me to put more into the services I may provide and may also enable me to provide free content for various types of content creators. Thank you in advanced for your support! 🙂