A collection of my growing network with people who have helped me progress over the years and who provided great service and ethics.


Quauhtli Producions


A talented Video/Photographer who used my music in some of his projects, and assisted in the making of a music video with one of my artists. Thank you Quauhtli Productions for the quality work. To see more of his work click on the link below.


Kevin Gomez (AKA SaintAlex)


An artist from the streets, to the artists with many stories untold thus far. A Partner to me in the music industry who has worked countless hours with me finding the keys to the right doors. You will see a good chunk of our work on my music page but for more SaintAlex follow the links below.


Johnathan Leach (used to be Johnny Blaze)


The beginning essentially started with this guy. At the year of 2007 he was how I was able to get my foot in the door, as a matter of fact he went as far as giving me my first MIDI control which at the time was a M-Audio M25. I still cannot express my appreciation for that. Thank you Johnny for getting my foot in the door and sticking by my side since.

To hear some of the work we created together click the link below.